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            J.VAH PE PIPES
            J.VAH PP-R WATER PIPES
            J.VAH PE-Xa TO WARM THE PIPE
            VAH PIPE
            ADD:Chuanshan Road,Baoji
            VAH Installation
            ADD:Chuanshan Road,Baoji
            VAH HOTEL
            ADD:No.6 Hongqi Road,Baoji
            VAH Trade
            ADD:No.1 Chuangye Road,Baoji
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            ■About us

                Baoji City WANHE Industrial Co., Ltd. is a set of co-product processing, hotel services, commerce and trade as one of the industry and trade enterprise, the company consists of plastic branch, WANHE  Hopewell hotels, commercial office, installation companies. In recent years, the company relies on the plastic products manufacturing and tertiary industry, development of successful management experience, a solid strength foundation, according to the State "to plastic on behalf of the steel" building materials policy, National Hi-Tech Development Zone, Baoji take the lead in the introduction of several advanced equipment in Germany production lines and technology, specializing in the production of high-quality national registered trademark "Kim Man-Hop" PP-R cold and hot water supply pipe green, "Kim Man-Hop" high-density polyethylene PE water supply pipe, "Kim Man-Hop" PE -- -X ground heating pipes, "Kim Man-Hop" PERT PEX. Product quality in line with national (PP --- R: GB/T18742-1.2.3---2002, PE: GB/T13663---2000, PE --- X: GB/T18992.2---2003, PERT : CJ/T175---2002 and GB/T17219---1998); standards and the "life application of water, hygiene and safety evaluation of water distribution equipment norms" (2001), and through ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification and the Provincial Executive level scientific and technological achievements appraisal. Access to the "national building materials industry, market, brand-name recognition."

                The corporation has been Shaanxi Provincial People's Government, Baoji Municipal People's Government awarded the "coincidence of keeping promises" enterprise, were a number of city, county, district water conservancy, urban construction system, designated as safe for consumption, focus on the supply pipe manufacturers, high-quality supply of municipal water supply network manufacturers, with Xi'an, Baoji, Xianyang, Hanzhong City, Xining, Yinchuan City, Tianshui City, and other surrounding areas, large and medium-sized real estate development companies to maintain a long-term stable relations of cooperation.

                The company advocates "unity and pragmatism, professionalism integrity" concept of corporate culture the people, adhere to the "quality first, sincere service" market principles, realistic and innovative, proactive, dedicated to promoting China's urban and rural water supply pipes Standardization of innovation and industry contribution.


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