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            Products > J.VAH PE-Xa TO WARM THE PIPE
            J.VAH PE-Xa TO WARM THE PIPE
            Product Review Specification J.VAH To your new life feeling
            Product Use

            ★ civil homes, apartments, villas
            ★ public building factories, hospitals, office buildings, libraries, shopping malls
            ★ outdoor building outdoor stations, car parks, squares,
            ★ sports facilities, swimming pool, stadium
            ★ forestry, fisheries and fish pond, planting conservatory
            ★ aqueduct water, pure water, hot water pipeline
            ★ air conditioning system, central air conditioning, air conditioning, solar water heaters

            Product Features

            Low-temperature radiant floor heating technology is one kind of PE-X pipe placed in the concrete layer, so that the low temperature hot water circulation flow in the pipe, heating the entire floor, so that the surface temperature rise, and then to the indoor heat by radiation and some convectionkinds of heating mode. He has good health conditions, non-polluting, energy-saving, easy management, not accounting for the room-use area, the small amount of maintenance. The same time, the heating method applicable to the installation of heat metering devices and room temperature automatic control device, its economy and comfort is unmatched by other heating methods.
            The introduction of Korea, Korea imported raw materials and equipment carefully crafted; strictly enforce GB/T18992-2003 standard.
            Odorless non-toxic, health, breeding ground for bacteria, do not pollute the water; good heat resistance, withstand temperature range -70 - +110 degrees, pressure blasting pressure 60Kg/cm2, creep resistance, high strength, not aging ; smooth pipe wall, the fluid flow resistance is small, quieter; good corrosion resistance, and can withstand most chemical corrosion; light weight, easy to install, easy to transport, the construction time-saving and labor; good performance, low price, economical and practical.

            J.VAH PE-Xa to warm the system advantages:

            ★ Health: radiation to the indoor heat, so that the indoor surface temperature uniformity at room temperature from the bottom up gradually decline, in line with the "warm warm feet", "warm enough to cool the top" Chinese health theory.
            ★ energy efficient: in the comfort of the premise, the radiant heating mode than traditional heating method interior design temperature of 2-3 degrees; a wide range of heat source can be used more than hot water; the heat is concentrated in a body height range of 2 m, high thermal efficiency high.
            ★ cryogenic noise: special ground structure due to warm, the heating effect of the intermediate layer in the upper or lower heating almost unaffected, the heat transfer medium plate Header Pipe speed is low, and the insulation layer play a soundproofed, greatly reducing the upper and lower between the noise.
            ★ good thermal stability: small changes in the ground and the concrete layer heat storage capacity, good thermal stability under the conditions of intermittent heating, the indoor temperature.
            ★ long life: PE-X pipe is recognized the world can be used continuously for more than 50 years of material, used to bury the pipe, there is no interface for the entire root laying completely eliminate leakage may be.

            Product Parameters




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