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            Products > J.VAH PE-RT TO WARM THE PIPE
            Product Review Specification J.VAH To your new life feeling
            Product Use

            ★ floor heating system
            ★ high temperature radiator heating system
            ★ building hot and cold water supply, piped drinking water systems
            ★ Household water heaters, piping and all kinds of connecting pipe
            ★ food industry, beverages, liquor, etc. liquids pipeline
            ★ refrigeration and water treatment systems
            ★ other industrial pipe

            Product Features

            The J.VAH PE - RT pipe is the Korea SKrnergy new high-temperaturenon-cross-linked polyethylene pipe material from the processing can be used for heating, reference to the new pipe of the water. Their use of raw materials, DX-800 isoctene (ethylene -1 - octene) copolymer units by precise control of polymerization toform a special "three-dimensional network structure to ensure that the materials able to withstand greater pressure at high temperature, high pressure Therefore, PE-RTdoes not require cross-linking can also be long-term use in high temperature and pressure conditions. Softness in particular, and better fusion. The implementation ofthe Ministry of Construction has issued a hot and cold water piping systems usingheat-resistant polyethylene (PE-RT) industry standard.

            J.VAH PE-RT pipe superiority:

            ★ comfort
            As a result of radiation heating, resulting in a truly comply with the requirements ofthe body heat of the thermal environment. The foot of his heat in the body headmoderate, is in line with the head high temperature characteristics of the human footblood circulation, gives "feet warm and head cool comfort.
            ★ do not account for the area
            From the form of building area restrictions and neither account for the construction area of  casual and flexible room dividers and furniture can. Particularly suitable forlarge span glass wall decoration of the building and heating needs of the exhibition hall.
            ★ energy efficient
            To warm the radiation temperature distribution is uniform, invalid less heat loss,and can get the same comfort design temperature of 2-3 degrees lower than the average convection heating can be significant savings in heating energy consumption.
            ★ improve the indoor environment
            Indoor health improved significantly, does not result in dust emissions generatedby the indoor air convection can reduce air pollution on the wall items.
            ★ long life
            Heat pipe materials are imported materials, according to the Korea National KSand Mei Tin Standard ASTM testing, continuous service life of up to 50 years. Easy to bend when the construction is not deformed, prominent low-temperature impactresistance, safety and health. Hot melt connection, health and safety, reliableinterface never leak, is an ideal choice for floor heating.
            ★ easy to maintain
            The system only needs to regularly check the heating period the filter can be theoperating costs of only the power consumption of the system pump.

            Product Parameters




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